The Villa at Rider Country Club Wedding: Afeisha and Clifford

I’m so happy to share with you my start to the 2017 season with Afeisha and Clifford. The couple was married at one of my favorite venues, the Villa in Bridgewater. Afeisha and Clifford had an exciting start to their day as it was one of the few days this winter had an enormous blizzard! Thankfully, we planned a head and decided to just wait a few days to photography their portraits. Typical as New England is, most the snow had actually melted by then. I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from the couples wedding. 

Worcester Country Club Wedding: Emily and Eric

Emily and Eric were the type of couple you can’t help but smile at them all day long, they are just too adorable together. The whole day was filled with laughter, tears and love. Emily and Eric were wonderful and answered a few of my questions about their wedding.
1. What were you most looking forward to on the wedding day.
We were just really looking forward to finally getting married!! We had been waiting for this day for what seems like forever. We were especially excited to dance and party with our friends and family and share our love for each other with everyone who is important to us.
2. What were some of your favorite moments during the wedding? Was anything unexpected?
Some of our favorite moments: definitely the dancing and the band! They were awesome and kept everyone dancing. We also really enjoyed our photo shoot with you and any other little moments we could find to just sit back and take everything in together – like at our sweetheart table for dinner. Our speeches also meant so much to us.
3. Any advise for other couples?
In terms of advice for other couples we know that this sounds very cliche and everyone always says this but we didn’t realize how true it was until it was our turn to get married. Just enjoy every little moment and try not to stress about the little details because it all comes together somehow. I honestly don’t think we even would have noticed if anything went wrong because we were having so much fun! We look back on the day and we would not have changed anything.

Blithewold Wedding, Bristol RI: Hanna and David

Artistic Wedding Photography

For all those couples who worry about rain on their wedding day, dont worry! Hanna and David had a hurricane on their wedding day and it didn’t damper their spirits. The couple had a beautiful ceremony inside Blithewold Mansion. Personally, I love the moment when Hanna’s father removes Hanna’s veil! The couple continued on with the wedding day as if nothing was out of sorts, we even managed to get outside for a quick portrait but in the end we opted to just come back a few days later and take advantage of the beautiful grounds and the wonderful green house. By, then the couple let go of any inhibitions! Hanna sported a beautiful coat that matched wonderfully with her wedding dress and a cute pixie cut! I hope you enjoy some of the moments from their wedding and take a look at their first dance! blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-4Emotional wedding photography blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-8 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-10 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-11 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-14 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-15 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-16 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-18 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-19 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-20 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-23 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-22blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-25 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-24 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-29 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-30 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-31 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-32 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-40 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-41 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-35 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-36 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-37 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-38 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-39 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-42 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-43 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-44blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-46 Rhode Island wedding photography Artistic blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-48 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-49 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-51 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-52 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-53 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-54 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-55 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-63 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-61 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-60 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-59 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-58 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-57 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-56 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-65 blithewold-wedding-blithewold-ri-ri-wedding-photographer-66